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Outdoor Landscape Maintenance | Signature shapes

Revitalise Your Outdoor Oasis: Expert Landscape Maintenance in Brisbane

Enhance Your Garden’s Beauty with Signature Scapes!

Maintaining a well-groomed landscape is key to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and creating a space for relaxation and enjoyment. Professional landscape maintenance keeps lush green areas vibrant and thriving. 


Our landscape maintenance services in Brisbane cater to various outdoor spaces, from sprawling gardens to intimate backyards and commercial landscapes. We're here to ensure that your outdoor haven continues to be a source of pride and tranquillity.


Our dedicated team is committed to transforming and maintaining the natural charm of your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the stress of upkeep.

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How We Work


Initial Assessment and Custom Plan Creation

We begin with a thorough assessment of your landscape, followed by developing a personalised maintenance plan. This plan addresses your needs, including lawn care, pruning, and pest control, ensuring your garden remains healthy and beautiful.


Regular Maintenance and Seasonal Care

Our team conducts routine maintenance visits as scheduled in the plan, which includes essential tasks like mowing, trimming, and fertilising, along with seasonal services to prepare your landscape for changing weather conditions.


Continuous Monitoring and Client Communication

We constantly monitor the health of your landscape, making adjustments as needed. Regular communication with you ensures that our services align with your expectations and allows us to provide feedback on the condition and progress of your outdoor space.

We Help You With All Your Landscape Maintenance Needs

Residential Landscape

We take care of the upkeep needs of residential properties, ensuring your garden is a lovely and tranquil sanctuary.

Commercial Landscape 

We offer expert landscape care services for commercial premises to give your company a unique and hospitable outdoor space.

Garden Analysis

Our staff performs in-depth evaluations to pinpoint areas that need development in the garden, providing knowledgeable suggestions and customised solutions.


Why Trust Us?

Experience | Signature shapes


With over a decade of expertise maintaining stunning landscapes and gardens, our highly experienced team will give you what you want. We stay aligned with the latest industry trends and implement them in all our clients’ projects when needed.

Customer Satisfaction | Signature shapes

Customer Satisfaction

We value relationships highly, and many clients have repeatedly used our services. The firm foundation of high-quality service and results beyond expectations has been the foundation of our success in Brisbane.

Transparency in Pricing | Signature shapes

Transparency in Pricing

We carefully consider each client's demands while precisely creating attractive, serene, distinctive landscapes. You may be confident that your outdoor space will stay maintained and up-to-date.

Trusted and Licensed | Signature shapes

Trusted and Licensed

We only offer the highest calibre of work with each of our projects to keep your garden well-maintained and your outdoor space top-notch. We are completely registered and licenced to carry out all of our work.

 Finest Materials | Signature shapes

Finest Materials

We use only the finest materials in every project, ensuring durability, beauty, and overall satisfaction in our landscaping work. From robust hardscape materials to premium soils and healthy, vibrant plants, our selection will enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your spaces.

Custom Solutions | Signature shapes

Custom Solutions

We understand that each property and homeowner has different likes and requirements, so we offer personalised landscaping designs and services. We work closely with you to create a landscape that is beautiful and something you want. 

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services

 Individual Mowing Vibrant Green Lawn | Signature shapes
Experts Skillfully Trim and Shape Hedges | Signature shapes
Dispose of Green Waste | Signature shapes


We offer routine lawn mowing to maintain the ideal height of your grass, encouraging healthy growth and a tidy appearance.

Hedge Trimming and Shaping

Our experts skillfully trim and shape hedges, ensuring they remain visually appealing and well-maintained.

Green Waste Removal

We collect and dispose of green waste, keeping your garden tidy and clutter-free.

Garden waste bin overflowing with foliage | Signature shapes

Weed Management

Our crew uses efficient weed control techniques to minimise weed development and keep your garden beds clean overall.

Green Garden Waste Bin in a Tropical Setting | Signature shapes


We ensure that your irrigation system works effectively, giving your plants the right amount of water while preserving water supplies.

Cultivating beauty and growth | Signature shapes


Our customised fertilisation programmes give your plants the crucial nutrients they need to thrive healthily and vigorously.

Our Portfolio

Discover Premier Landscape Maintenance Services Right in Brisbane!

In the bustling heart of Brisbane, discover premier landscape maintenance services that bring professional care and beauty right to your doorstep. We preserve and enhance the natural charm of your outdoor spaces, whether it's a residential garden, a commercial property, or a public area. 


We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and tailored approach, ensuring each landscape we tend to is nurtured with precision and passion. From regular lawn care and pruning to seasonal clean-ups and bespoke garden treatments, we provide many services to keep your green spaces thriving and vibrant throughout the year. 

Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Thriving Oasis With our Professional Landscape Maintenance Services!

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Rating | Signature shapes
“To the rescue! The landscaper we were using went bust, and Michael and the team at Signature came to the rescue.. They worked hard and professionally to get the job done. Thanks again Michael..!”

John F


Areas We Serve

  • Caboolture

  • Brisbane City

  • Ipswich

  • Logan

  • Gold Coas


Why Choose Us

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Get in Touch Today!

Contact Signature Scapes immediately if you're eager to improve the health and appearance of your Brisbane garden. 


About all of your demands for landscape care, our team of experts is available to help. 


Allow us to design an outdoor area that goes above and beyond your expectations and makes you happy all year.

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