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Commercial Landscape Construction Brisbane

Stunning Commercial Landscape Construction in Brisbane

First impressions matter, especially in business. Your landscape is the face you present to the world; a well-designed one can work wonders.

It enhances the value of your property, attracts and retains a welcoming environment for your clients and customers.

At Signature Scapes, we understand the power of landscape construction in Brisbane. We -

Create functional, sustainable, and visually stunning outdoor spaces.

Design bespoke landscapes for your office needs. Use the finest materials and construction techniques.

Offer diverse landscaping solutions.


Let's create an extraordinary landscape together!


Why Choose Us

Redefine your garden and let us add bespoke elements that resonate with your business or brand.

We offer a wide range of commercial landscaping solutions:



We customise security, privacy, and style solutions for outdoor spaces.

From classic wooden fences to modern metal designs, we tailor fencing to complement your property while ensuring safety.


Retaining Walls

We build functional and visually appealing retaining walls to prevent soil erosion and enhance the landscape's aesthetics.

Our designs seamlessly blend into the surroundings.


Deck Construction

We craft beautiful, durable, and functional decks as outdoor retreats.

Our custom designs resonate with your office landscape for a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment.



Our team constructs safe, stylish, and functional outdoor stairs that seamlessly integrate with your landscape's design for convenient access without disrupting other entries or exits.


Astro Turf

We construct lush, low-maintenance astro turf as a green alternative to natural grass.

Our top-quality installations provide a realistic look and feel.


Drainage Systems

We design and install efficient drainage systems to protect your landscape from water damage, for a safe and dry outdoor space.



We design and install various paving materials to create organised and functional paths, walkways, patios, and other hardscape features.



Our landscape experts create practical and aesthetically pleasing walkways that guide you through your outdoor space.


Concrete Slabs

We construct sturdy and attractive foundational elements for various outdoor features.

Experience durable and visually pleasing concrete slabs for everything from outdoor cafeterias to patios.


Timber and Steel Edging

Add structure and definition to garden beds and pathways with clean lines that elevate the landscape's look.

Explore a range of edging options that meet your preferences and needs.



Preserve the integrity and longevity of outdoor structures and features through professional-grade waterproofing techniques.

Protect your outdoor investments from harsh weather conditions.

Commercial Landscape Construction Brisbane | Signature Scapes

Our Commitment to Safety

Your safety is non-negotiable for us! A secure project site is a productive one, enabling everyone to bring their A-game. We're all in on safe work practices, from on-site crews to office staff.

With a track record spanning commercial construction, artificial turf installation, sports turf projects, golf course management, school landscapes, bridges, and more, our experience speaks volumes.


Ready to elevate your commercial space?

Enhancing Your Commercial Landscape with Softscaping

Our landscaping services add a finishing touch to your project. Whether you envision a vibrant green oasis or a minimalist aesthetic, we've got you covered.

We provide -

 ✔ Turfing

 ✔ Planting

 ✔ Mulching

 ✔ Pebble installations

 ✔ Ex-ground trees or established tree planting

 ✔ Steppers/pavers

 ✔ Edging

 ✔ Irrigation

 ✔ Garden Lighting


Let us bring your vision to life!

Residential Landscaping Brisbane _ Signature Scapes

Areas We Serve

Located in Brisbane, we're flexible and ready to meet your needs wherever you are in the city. Our services extend to various areas, including -


 Brisbane City



✔ Gold Coas

 And everywhere in between!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the typical cost of landscaping services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast?

Generally, landscaping projects in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast fall within the range of 5% to 15% of the property value.

For horticultural-based landscapes, like garden designs with turf areas, the cost is typically around 5%. If your landscape includes moderate structural elements such as paving, retaining walls, decking, irrigation, lighting, and drainage, expect a range of 5-10%.

For more extensive structural landscaping or larger areas, the cost may go up to 10% to 15%. Factors like site access, desired outcomes, and the actual size of the project also influence the final cost.

Q: What does soft landscaping involve?

Soft landscaping revolves around the living aspects of your outdoor space. It encompasses the design, selection, and installation of plants, garden design, and turf. Additionally, it includes the preparation and finishing touches, such as soils and mulch.

Q: How much time is required to maintain my new landscaping?

The timeframe for maintenance is discussed during the initial landscape design consultation. With today's busy schedules, low-maintenance landscapes are a common design request. Our landscapes are custom-designed to meet your needs and lifestyle, offering options to suit even the most hectic schedules.

Q: Why should I enlist a professional landscaper?

Engaging a professional landscaper comes with numerous benefits. Our expertise in landscape design, construction, plant selection, and maintenance ensures a successful outcome. It's essential to be cautious as the industry has its share of unreliable operators.


Many newcomers may use the term "landscaping" but possess only basic garden tidy-up skills. Given that landscaping is a significant investment, choosing an industry professional is crucial for optimal results.

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