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Well-manicured garden bed with palm trees in Brisbane home | signature scapes

Landscape Designer In Brisbane: Reimagine Your Outdoor Space!

Urban Brisbane balcony garden with potted plants and cacti | signature scapes

Let Your Landscape Be Your Prideful Masterpiece!

Our team at Signature Scapes has more than 50 years of combined experience in landscape design, and we provide a comprehensive range of services to change any area completely. We are Brisbane's leading choice for landscape design thanks to our affordable prices and comprehensive design process.


Our goal at Signature Scapes is to create the landscape of your dreams in Brisbane. We work hard to produce excellent results that go above and beyond your expectations using our knowledge and passion for altering outdoor environments.


Our talented landscape designers are dedicated to collaborating closely with you to realise your vision and produce an exquisite outdoor haven that reflects your particular taste and preferences.

Stay Ahead With Trending Landscape Designs That Redefine Outdoor Living!

Every client at Signature Scapes has a different idea in mind of how they want their ideal landscape to look. Our team of gifted landscape designers is ready to make your idea a reality, whether it be a calm and Zen-inspired garden, a vibrant and colourful refuge, or a contemporary and sleek outdoor environment. 


Following the completion of the design, our skilled landscapers meticulously execute the plan. We use high-quality materials, carefully chosen flora and sustainable practices to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally friendly landscape.

New turf being laid in a spacious Brisbane backyard | signature scapes

How Does Our Team Of Designers Work



We will arrange a consultation with you to understand what you want for your outdoor area. We consider elements like affordability, sustainability, beauty, and functionality at this step and create a conceptual design for you.



Once you have approved the conceptual design, we dive deep into a detailed design in the development phase. We will focus on your feedback about changing the layout, selecting better materials, choosing plants, and incorporating additional features. 



After everything has been finalised, we will give the design to our talented landscapers, who will then implement the design to provide you with the outdoor space of your choice.

We Cater All Your Landscape Design Needs

Elegant Brisbane backyard with modern outdoor furniture at dusk | signature scapes

Residential Landscape Design

Our residential landscape design services focus on creating personalised outdoor spaces that reflect homeowners' styles and needs.


We craft serene gardens, functional family areas, and aesthetic landscapes that complement your home's architecture, ensuring each space is an oasis of comfort and beauty.

 Landscape professionals carrying tropical plants in Brisbane | signature scapes

Commercial Landscape Design

In commercial landscape design, our approach centres on creating functional, attractive outdoor environments that enhance business properties.


We design landscapes that captivate and impress visitors and provide practical, sustainable solutions for various commercial settings, such as corporate campuses, retail spaces, and public areas.

What Makes Us Your Perfect Selection

Experience | signature scapes


With over 50 years of combined experience in designing stunning landscapes and gardens, our expert team will give you what you want. We stay aligned with the latest industry trends and implement them in all our clients’ projects when needed. 

Customer Satisfaction | signature scapes

Customer Satisfaction

We value relationships highly, and many clients have repeatedly used our services. The firm foundation of high-quality service and results beyond expectations has been the foundation of our success in Brisbane. 

Transparency in Pricing | signature scapes

Transparency in Pricing

We carefully consider each client's demands while creating attractive, serene, distinctive landscape designs. You can be confident that your outdoor space will become what you envision.

Trusted and Licensed | signature scapes

Trusted and Licensed

We only offer the highest calibre of work with each of our projects to keep your landscape designs top-notch. You can trust that we are registered and licensed to carry out our work.

Landscape professionals carrying tropical plants in Brisbane | signature scapes

Finest Materials

We understand the importance of adhering to schedules and ensuring that every project is completed within the agreed time frame without compromising quality. Our efficient planning and skilled team work diligently to deliver your project promptly.

Custom Solutions | signature scapes

Custom Solutions

We understand that each property and homeowner has different likes and requirements, so we offer personalised landscaping designs and services. We work closely with you to create a landscape that is beautiful and something you want. 


Range Of Our Landscaping Servicesose Us


Landscape Construction

Our team specialises in uniquely designed hardscapes like retaining walls, fences, decks, walkways, stairs, and more. We can complete landscape construction projects of any size across the Brisbane area, including North Brisbane.


Landscape Maintenance

Whether you’re looking for weekly or fortnightly maintenance or a larger-scale maintenance project, our team can work on your garden's needs. We can complete mowing, hedge trimming, edging, green waste removal, and more. 



From turfing & planting to irrigation & garden lighting, we can connect with the best landscape suppliers in Brisbane and provide an end-to-end service for your softscaping projects.

Our Landscape Design Portfolio

Ready For A Garden Revolution? Partner With Us To Design Stunning, Functional Landscapes That Match Your Style!

We Are Your Nearest Landscape Designers In Brisbane!

You can contact or get in touch with us if you need landscape design services in Brisbane. We are a group of professional landscape designers passionate about crafting beautiful outdoor spaces. With a deep understanding of Brisbane's unique environment and community, we specialise in creating tailored solutions for your gardens and commercial spaces. 


Whether designing a tranquil backyard sanctuary or a dynamic commercial landscape, our professional expertise ensures your vision is brought to life with a local touch. Trust us to be your professional partners in elevating your outdoor spaces in Brisbane.

 Landscape designers planting new greenery in Brisbane soil | signature scapes

What Our Happy Clients Say

“To the rescue! The landscaper we were using went bust, and Michael and the team at Signature came to the rescue.. They worked hard and professionally to get the job done. Thanks again Michael..!”

John F

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do You Provide A Detailed Cost Estimate Before Starting a Landscaping Design Project?

Absolutely. Before we start any landscaping design project, we provide a detailed cost estimate. We believe in transparency and clarity so you understand the costs involved before we begin.

Q: What's The Estimated Timeline For Completing A Typical Project?

The timeline for completing a typical landscaping design project varies depending on the project's complexity and scale. Generally, a project can take a few weeks to several months. 

Q: How Do You Handle Unexpected Changes To A Design Project?

In the event of unexpected changes to a design project, our approach is flexible and collaborative. We discuss any changes with you to understand your new requirements and adjust our plans accordingly. We aim to ensure the final design meets your satisfaction, even if it means accommodating last-minute changes or revisions. 

Signature Scapes expert landscape designers in Brisbane offer stunning outdoor space solutions. We use high-quality materials and sustainable practices.

Areas We Serve

  • Caboolture

  • Brisbane City

  • Ipswich

  • Logan

  • Gold Coas


Why Choose Us

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Get In Touch Today

Learn how having a skilled and motivated workforce may improve your outside area. To talk about your project and experience the professionalism and knowledge that make us unique, get in touch with us right now. 

Your landscape and garden ambitions are our top priority, and we are prepared to realise them using our expertise, inventiveness, and dedication to perfection.

Contact Signature Scapes today!

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